Independence Celebrations
Friday to Monday,

Saturday 21.06.2009
Rock Concert with Greenlandic Bands,
(The Rock Genre is so popular here, they played
Nirvana all the time at the down town NUUK night club
Manhatten, later that day)

rolling out of the colonial Danish
flag at the concert...
everyone is getting quite

The flag is rolled up again and takenh away...
Greenland is independent.. people applaud,

Friday, 19.06.2009, NUUK, Greenland

Mary likes Greenland too

In the citycenter of Nuuk

Fishcutting worker outside Nuuk ..
takin it easy on independence weekend

Fisherman on his own boat
in trendy lumberjack shirt :-)

NUUK Friday night (i mean night!!)

Flying in to Greenlands captial Nuuk (15.000 inhabitants)... a little charming plane due to the short airport
runway at the capital

COPENHAGEN - Thursday, 18-06-2009
Art Vernissage, Konsthall Charlotenborg

Urban Outfitters,
its her old children sportclasses dress!

Öresundbridge.. Bridge over
the ocean connecting Malmö and

Copenhagen (in 20 min! and what a view from the train!)

MALMÖ, Sweden Trainstation, Friday, 19-06-2009

STOCKHOLM-Wednesday, 17-06-2009

Ficks Club, Fredsgatan 12 Summerclub