BERLIN, Germany 26-08-2009

Art and Fashion and Welfare (Hartz 4) People gathering in a private little
gallery in Kreuzberg. Someone starts playing
Schubert on the old but tuned piano,
after the neighbours send the police
because we are too loud too late.

A russian/ american artist from i think California, on his bike.

BERLIN became SOO much more touristy durning the last 3 years -
and more expensive, but its still cheap in a lot of matters.
This undertaker next to ex/still -trendy Rosenthaler Platz
is actually advertising with "cheap funerals".
you ll find the number on the picture. farewell.

A boat trip at night through the channels and rivers of Berlin with the owners and
employees of the famous 3 "Weinerei" Places,
with the concept drink wine and eat first,
then decide yourself what you want to pay.

Thats how some people staying too long might see it if they pass by with a boat.

rare waterview on S-Bahnhof Friedrichstraße and TV-Tower

at BAR 25, SPA Area
(you actually can rent bungalows
here and play beachball)

BERLIN, Germany 25-08-2009

Sunny Monday Afternoon in Kastanienallee (also known as Castingallee)

BERLIN, Germany 8/10-08-2009

BAR 25, Sunday (camera broke..)

old..and so male style i have
seen in Berlin so far

At "Berlin Festival" at the old airport Tempelhof - Friday

BERLIN, Germany - 03-08-2009

Rainy Monday afternoon
at Café Galao, Weinbergsweg

Swimmingpool Party with no water
at Oderbergerstrasse, Sunday 02.08.2009

BERLIN, GERMANY, Friday, 31-07-2009

Leo's Birthdayparty (30) Charlottenburg,

Markus Lüpertz, Artist

(take a closer look at his nice golden chain)

free, as a bird..