Sunday, March 28/ 2010

Dear readers

thank you for all the requests. 
Dancing days.. Sorry for being winter sleepy.
Though I took plenty of new pictures since 
the turn of the year, ..i didn’t t put them up yet. 

coming up...

(there is almost nothing more northern than Northern Greenland)
2) BERLIN (getting more interesting fashionwise i think
though some colleges with a smoothly little anti German attitude
would disagree)

STOCKHOLM: we remeber snowy Christmas/January 2010

A late night guest.. outside a birthday party in a 
storage room in an industrial area in Stockholm 29-12-2009               

 Outside Debaser Slussen, Karl Johan Torg, Stockholm  // 27-12-2009

24.DEZ 2010 SantaStyletracker ..some drinks too much
every swedish family offers him a drink the tradion will that he drinks
it after the children got there presents                     
Norrmälarstrand/STOCKHOLM. The hole river i frozen, 
u can go from one city side to the other. I didn t dare. 
but was nice to look on vast area of pure whity white. relaxin. 

Supermarked Kungsholmen.."I am sorry but it is really cold outside", said this girl, smiling tired, working at the moste well known nightclub in town.

You may excuse this horribel littel "art work" piece of mine... its a Christmaspresent for a good friend that claims to be a communist.