No Springtime in northern Greenland

Ilulissat (I never heard this name before eather)... is lies like at the north of Greenland, at the ice-fjord with a lot of gigantic icebergs swimming around at Disko Bay.  ....a wonderful but melting place....its like the place were people go that seem to be bored of the rest of the world ..

its above iceland.. like 5 hours by plane, the only airport you ll get there (inspite of the icelandic vulcano ashes)  is copenhagen.... this time i went to the northern part.. no spring, not so much fashion but rock n roll ... (sorry for this early 2000 retro 1992 kind of expression but "nature rocks" would have been even worth i guess.. ) ...anyway..  they have an own hendrix (and an suprisingly a rock club) where we we went to yesterday ...amazingly how he played...and what charisma he had.. 

a professional fotballplayer just coming from the match , having 
dinner with his girlfriend, a local teacher  

i think the best nature picture i ever took - so much better than those panorama pics, I wonder when lonley planet and big magazines get tired of them... it gives the viewer a more real feeling, i think through the inside of the boat.
(see upp)