M/S Stjernorp, Skäpsholmen, boat on the river, Hyde's Launch 

SUNNY STOCKHOLM: Saturday, 07-05-2011

 Hantverkargatan,  a job interview in the sun outside lovely café Vurma

HELSINKI, FINLAND: 07/12-05-2011

   First sunny afternoon after 8 month winter, Pohjoisesplanadi
   "people look at each other again on the streets"

    Outside Hotel Klaus K, Uudenmaankatu

    Café Bar 9, Uudenmaankatu 

    Adidas Jeans Release Party,  Kaatutehtaankatu, 
    by Popot Store, Iso Roobertinkatu 16  

Club Nolla, entrance fee girl, Pohjoisen Rautatienkatu 

    "politics meet fashion?" 
    Timo Soini, Leader of the right populism "True Finns Party", 
     at  a TV debate show before parlamentary elections

The most powerful woman in Finnland, 
Primeminister Mari Kiviniemi (conservative) , 
at a shopping mall, elections campagn